October 29 2012

Super-Couple Attempt to Trade Mark Daughter’s Name

Beyonce and Jay Z are the latest celeb couple to try and ‘trade mark’ their daughter’s name and this news story has caused quite a stir as opinion is very much divided.

The US super-couple have attempted to trade mark their daughter, ‘Blue Ivy’s, name in the US. However they have come up against competition in the form of a wedding planner who runs a business with the very same name.

Currently the wedding planner has been given the green light to continue using ‘Blue Ivy’ as her business name as she has done so since 2009. Should Beyonce and Jay Z have been given the right to trade mark their daughter’s name then they would be able to use the name for use amongst a whole range of goods and services.

This story has certainly got intellectual property lawyers thinking! Some feel that this is a waste of time and believe that it’s a sign of the ‘celebrity cash-in culture’.

However, other ip solicitors have suggested that it is in fact a good move as it enables them to use the name for commercial value in the future and it will also prevent it from being used by third parties without authorization.

Singers Beyonce and Jay Z have been able to successfully register ‘Blue Ivy’ as a trademark within Europe. This means that they will be able to use the name to endorse a range of products in the future – I suspect the toddler won’t be looking to bring out a fragrance just yet – although you never know what will happen in the world of celebs!

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