October 16 2012

Justice Secretary Proposes That Homeowners May Use Force Against Intruders..

Apparently Chris Grayling the new justice secretary is proposing allowing householders to use force that "in the cold light of day might seem over the top" against intruders. Well, already the " do good brigade" are on to this, no surprise here! Comments have already been voiced, "they are likely to be contentious, as they imply a new, rather dif[...]


October 9 2012

Apple Vs. Samsung – The Results Are In…

So, it's been a while now since the verdict of this landmark case was read out and it seems as though this particular case definitely divides opinion. The jury ruled that Apple should be awarded a colossal 1.05 billion dollars after the jury deemed that Samsung infringed several of Apple's software technologies and designs. Ever since the v[...]


August 22 2012

Mobile Giants Hit The US Courts

Apple’s it lawyer has certainly been busy lately as they have been involved in a large patent case with Samsung. This high-profile trial has certainly got people talking and has generated lots of public interest as many people have waited in line outside of the court to get a glimpse of this case. This trial has so far been going on for 3 wee[...]


August 6 2012

London 2012 – A Busy Time For IP Lawyers?

As London 2012 is now in full flow we only thought it was right that our first blog post was centered on the very topic. There was lots of talk about marketing and the Olympics before the games started as local businesses made the headlines for using Olympic trade marks when they shouldn’t. So, now that the games have started, have there been [...]


June 6 2012

Welcome to BlogLegal!

BlogLegal has been created to provide news, analysis and opinion on the legal world. We have a dedicated team of professionals within the industry who will be sharing their thoughts and advise on the latest news within the legal sector. Please feel free to comment on our posts and leave your thoughts... Best Regards, The BlogLegal team[...]