August 22 2012

Mobile Giants Hit The US Courts

Apple’s it lawyer has certainly been busy lately as they have been involved in a large patent case with Samsung. This high-profile trial has certainly got people talking and has generated lots of public interest as many people have waited in line outside of the court to get a glimpse of this case.

This trial has so far been going on for 3 weeks – in which time the jury have been listening to information from patent professionals, technology experts and company experts from both Apple and Samsung.

It’s not long until the verdict will be read in what is one of the most eagerly anticipated court trials of the year.

During the court trial it was suggested that Samsung ‘were going through a crisis of design’ once the iPhone was first launched. It was claimed that they wanted to cash in on the devices’ popularity. However, they argued back that they were simply trying to give consumers what they wanted.

The dispute couldn’t be resolved between both parties so a jury will decide the outcome. Apple are asking for a colossal 2.5 billion dollars for ‘ripping off the iPhone and iPad technology’. Apple have claimed that Samsung have amassed 8.16 billion dollars from sales of their own tablet and smartphone devices.

However, to add a further twist to the story, Samsung have claimed that Apple actually used Samsung technology during production of their iPhone and iPad device.  If successful, Apple want Samsung to pull their popular products from ‘the shelf’. However, Samsung’s lawyer claimed that consumers deserved a choice.

If Apple are successful in the case then they would receive the largest patent verdict in the US in what is certainly a landmark case – watch this space!

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