October 17 2012

May Blocks Extradition…

So May has blocked the extradition of McKinnon, citing it would have been a breach of his human rights. Well there’s a thing! He apparently would have been at risk of taking his own life, really, really… Surely it would not have been beyond the wit of the US authorities to have monitored him during his time whilst he was being held pending trial.

But more to the point why on earth was he to be extradited in the first place? He should have been paid handsomely for his services! After all if a private individual with very meagre resources could hack into the defence networks of a super power what does that say about the possibilities of a hacker backed by a hostile state? Just what havoc could they have perpetrated? Let’s face it he did them a favour, but the US saw it more as an embarrassment for which they wanted to punish him very publicly.

I say well done May but not for the reasons you gave. And as for the US you should be saying to all young would be hackers, “bring it on” this is penetration testing at zero cost!

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