August 6 2012

London 2012 – A Busy Time For IP Lawyers?

As London 2012 is now in full flow we only thought it was right that our first blog post was centered on the very topic.

There was lots of talk about marketing and the Olympics before the games started as local businesses made the headlines for using Olympic trade marks when they shouldn’t. So, now that the games have started, have there been any problems for the IP lawyers?

Data that has recently been released from Experian shows that the ‘non sponsors’ have actually benefited from the games. For example, the report stated that visits to the official Pepsi site had increased by 53% whilst Coke recorded a drop in online traffic. Another company who showed an increase in web traffic during the games were Nike – whereas the official sponsors, Adidas similarly experienced a fall in visitor numbers.

It’s thought that the strict treatment of all the non-sponsors was the reason behind their increase in traffic – as they say, all publicity is good publicity.

If you’re still struggling to make sense of the stringent guidelines around Olympic advertising then you can visit the official London 2012 site for more information, or alternatively speak with an intellectual property lawyer for expert legal advice/.

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