October 16 2012

Justice Secretary Proposes That Homeowners May Use Force Against Intruders..

Apparently Chris Grayling the new justice secretary is proposing allowing householders to use force that “in the cold light of day might seem over the top” against intruders. Well, already the ” do good brigade” are on to this, no surprise here! Comments have already been voiced, “they are likely to be contentious, as they imply a new, rather different, standard in the way in which a householder can defend themselves and their property.” And even, “self-defence plans invite vigilantism”.

Well I’m sorry call me old fashioned but if someone breaks into my home they lose the right to any respect and deserve everything that might come to them byway of an attack from me, the homeowner. Those who decide to hold the law of the land and what most people would view as normal moral conduct, in contempt, should I feel have no protection under those same laws and codes.

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