December 18 2012

Is Christmas a busy time for employment lawyers?

The annual office Christmas party can often cause a little bit of drama as the mixture of high spirits and actual spirits can see employees behave slightly differently. With the amount of Christmas parties that take place throughout the UK it’s no wonder that there are a few employees who do end up over-stepping the mark.

This sort of situation can cause problems for businesses who don’t want to seem too harsh over the festive period, but in some instances businesses will need to discipline workers who have crossed the line.

To help prevent confusion it’s suggested that companies have a clear disciplinary policy in place so that your employees know where they stand. For example, it may be another colleague who wishes to complain about the behaviour of another colleague.

Another contentious issue for employers over the festive period could be bonuses, especially during the current economic crisis!

Many employees will be expecting a bonus and there are many employers who will be looking to reward their staff through a gesture of goodwill. However, it’s if a company doesn’t issue the bonus that they may find themselves faced with unhappy employees. Employees do not have a ‘contractual right’ to receive the payment as it of often made as a kind gesture.

If the company has previously given a Christmas bonus on an annual basis, and chooses not to one year then the employees may feel like they have a reason to complain. There are many other scenarios that may arise that employees may find unfair, in which case it’s advised that you speak with specialist employment solicitors in London or your local town for sound legal advice.

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