November 8 2012

Injured workers may face a tougher battle…

The government are set to unveil new plans which will make it harder for injured employees to claim compensation. The new government proposals are being launched to help prevent ‘over-compliance’ with health and safety within the workplace.

It’s thought that the new plans will actually reduce the total amount of claims that are made against companies, however it’s also thought that the number of so-called ‘courtroom battles’ will actually increase. This is because the new legislation will actually remove the existing ‘strict liability’ responsibility that is currently imposed on workplaces for any accidents that occur in the office.

Moving forward, this means that the employee will have to prove ‘company negligence’. Many within the industry, and some senior personal injury lawyers, believe that this change protects the insurance industry at the expense of taxpayers.

This is the latest move that the government have made in an effort to prevent our so-called ‘compensation culture’ which has been under the spotlight more and more over the past 12 months.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the industry over the coming months to see how this affects our local personal injury solicitors in Kent

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