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March 11 2013

Could Thousands of Speeding Fines Be Overturned?

According to recent news reports people who have previously been convicted of speeding could find their convictions are overturned. This is because of some offending speed limit signs which have not actually complied with the relevant regulations. The offending speed limit signs were found on stretches of the M42. It was discovered that the sign[...]


December 7 2012

In-depth: Road safety in the UK

More needs to be done by the government in order to improve road safety in the UK. That is the opinion of Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of road safety charity Brake, who has called on the authorities to step up its efforts to lower the number of road traffic accidents taking place across the country. Official figures from the Departmen[...]


November 8 2012

Injured workers may face a tougher battle…

The government are set to unveil new plans which will make it harder for injured employees to claim compensation. The new government proposals are being launched to help prevent ‘over-compliance’ with health and safety within the workplace. It’s thought that the new plans will actually reduce the total amount of claims that are made agains[...]


October 29 2012

Super-Couple Attempt to Trade Mark Daughter’s Name

Beyonce and Jay Z are the latest celeb couple to try and ‘trade mark’ their daughter’s name and this news story has caused quite a stir as opinion is very much divided. The US super-couple have attempted to trade mark their daughter, ‘Blue Ivy’s, name in the US. However they have come up against competition in the form of a wedding pla[...]


October 9 2012

Apple Vs. Samsung – The Results Are In…

So, it's been a while now since the verdict of this landmark case was read out and it seems as though this particular case definitely divides opinion. The jury ruled that Apple should be awarded a colossal 1.05 billion dollars after the jury deemed that Samsung infringed several of Apple's software technologies and designs. Ever since the v[...]