October 9 2012

Apple Vs. Samsung – The Results Are In…

So, it’s been a while now since the verdict of this landmark case was read out and it seems as though this particular case definitely divides opinion.

The jury ruled that Apple should be awarded a colossal 1.05 billion dollars after the jury deemed that Samsung infringed several of Apple’s software technologies and designs.

Ever since the verdict was read out, the case, and its findings, have been closely scrutinised by the world’s media and the public.  According to media reports there was one piece of evidence that swayed the jury’s decision more than any other piece.

This piece of evidence surrounded a meeting that took place between Google and Samsung executives. The meeting was about a new tablet device which Google felt was too similar to Apple’s own software. In this meeting it was stated that Google asked Samsung to ‘back away’ from the design.

I’m sure that this case will be debated for many years to come, but one thing that is for definite is the fact that this high-profile warning will have sent shockwaves through the industry…

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