Monthly Archives: October 2012

October 29 2012

Super-Couple Attempt to Trade Mark Daughter’s Name

Beyonce and Jay Z are the latest celeb couple to try and ‘trade mark’ their daughter’s name and this news story has caused quite a stir as opinion is very much divided. The US super-couple have attempted to trade mark their daughter, ‘Blue Ivy’s, name in the US. However they have come up against competition in the form of a wedding pla[...]


October 26 2012

Social Media, Use It Or Lose It?

Let me hit you with the stats. A recent survey done by lexis nexus shows that more than 75% of people in the U.S. looking for a lawyer did so online and Facebook proved to be the most popular resource used by the masses. So, lets contextualise this. Basically social media is key when considering your online marketing strategy, simple. Right? So why[...]


October 17 2012

May Blocks Extradition…

So May has blocked the extradition of McKinnon, citing it would have been a breach of his human rights. Well there's a thing! He apparently would have been at risk of taking his own life, really, really... Surely it would not have been beyond the wit of the US authorities to have monitored him during his time whilst he was being held pending trial.[...]


October 16 2012

Justice Secretary Proposes That Homeowners May Use Force Against Intruders..

Apparently Chris Grayling the new justice secretary is proposing allowing householders to use force that "in the cold light of day might seem over the top" against intruders. Well, already the " do good brigade" are on to this, no surprise here! Comments have already been voiced, "they are likely to be contentious, as they imply a new, rather dif[...]


October 9 2012

Apple Vs. Samsung – The Results Are In…

So, it's been a while now since the verdict of this landmark case was read out and it seems as though this particular case definitely divides opinion. The jury ruled that Apple should be awarded a colossal 1.05 billion dollars after the jury deemed that Samsung infringed several of Apple's software technologies and designs. Ever since the v[...]