April 25 2013

IP Challenges of the 3D Printing Revolution

The spread of 3D printing is apt to challenge the traditional set of IP rights on objects. 3D printers basically produce objects by layering certain materials (plastic, silicone, metal in powder form, even human tissues); this input is given by a 3D-file (industry standard formats are the .stl or the .wrl) which contains the digital 3D design of th[...]


March 11 2013

Could Thousands of Speeding Fines Be Overturned?

According to recent news reports people who have previously been convicted of speeding could find their convictions are overturned. This is because of some offending speed limit signs which have not actually complied with the relevant regulations. The offending speed limit signs were found on stretches of the M42. It was discovered that the sign[...]


February 19 2013

Interest Swap Scandal – Can You Make a Claim?

The recent 'interest rate swap scandal' now means that many businesses throughout the UK are able to make a claim against the banks. In fact it's thought that as many as 40,000 small businesses will be looking to make a claim since the recent judgement. Recently the FSA have revealed that up to 10 of the major banks will now face the fact that t[...]


December 18 2012

Is Christmas a busy time for employment lawyers?

The annual office Christmas party can often cause a little bit of drama as the mixture of high spirits and actual spirits can see employees behave slightly differently. With the amount of Christmas parties that take place throughout the UK it’s no wonder that there are a few employees who do end up over-stepping the mark. This sort of situatio[...]


December 7 2012

In-depth: Road safety in the UK

More needs to be done by the government in order to improve road safety in the UK. That is the opinion of Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of road safety charity Brake, who has called on the authorities to step up its efforts to lower the number of road traffic accidents taking place across the country. Official figures from the Departmen[...]